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Sofa Removal


We put reuse at the forefront of our furniture removal service.

But don’t get upset if your sofas got soaking wet as we recycle over 95% of the waste we collect.

sofa removal

Be it indoor or outdoors our professional sofa removal service can remove your unwanted items from either location. So, if you need an extra pair of hands to aid in the removal of your old sofa, we are here to help. Even if you do have the help but can’t be there for a collection, simply pop the sofa outside and we can collect whilst you carry on with your day.

We have a team of skilled operatives that can conduct the sofa removal from your property to conducting full house clearances. Backed with our simple to use online booking process, you can pick size of sofa you wish to be removed, choose a day and a time slot (if required) to suit and we shall provide the labour collect your sofa.

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Sofa size

Ready to start getting rid of that unwanted sofa?

Our two-man and van service is an easy solution for sofa disposal.



Established in 2014

Domestic and Commercial Clients

Fully licensed & Insured

Labour Included

How it works….

1. Choose the size of sofa you want to get rid of & book your collection

You can leave it either outside or inside we collect from both areas.

2. let us know where you’ve left the waste if your not there or show us what’s to go on the day

Our team can come up with a plan then on how best to tackle your rubbish. Remember, we can talk to you over the phone so you don’t need to be there and send pictures once its cleared.

3. Let us get our hands dirty

We will do as much as we can to help you including sofa removal from inside!

4. After the job you are issued with a waste transfer document

This ensures we are in compliance with current legislation.

5. Now the really work starts!

We allocate the items in certain sections on the vehicle. We concentrate on segregating the items into items for reuse and recycling.

Sofa removal & Sofa collection FAQ

Do you collect sofas from inside the property?

We can collect from either inside or outside the property. As long as we have access to what’s to go we can do the rest, you don’t even have to be there.

What happens if size of sofa I have isn’t in your online catalogue?

Do not worry. You can select a flexible load option on our man and van service page and pay for what you space you fill on the day or select a like size piece of furniture from our online catalogue.

What happens if I have large sofa, I want removing that cannot fit out of the house?

Our team of trained operatives can quickly assess the orientation of a sofa and how to best remove it from the house. However, if it won’t fit then we can dismantle the item within the property via both the use of power and hand tools.

How do I know when you’re on your way to conduct the sofa removal?

We can contact you around an hour or so via phone call or SMS message to say we are enroute and give an approximate estimated time of arrival.

What happens to my old sofa?

We assess the condition and whether the sofa has in date fire tags, these are the first steps of trying to find a new home for it. We will always try and re use the sofas we collect prior to recycling the sofas we collect.

Can you collect my old sofa on the day prior to my new sofa arriving or early the same day?

We always recommend that you have the old sofa removed the day before the new sofa arriving to ensure you have space for the new sofa and don’t become ‘double parked’ with sofas on the day the new sofa arrives.

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