At Full Circle Recycling we believe that just like the life cycle; your waste’s life should go Full Circle!

We hand-sort and separate a range of different materials both on-site and off-site using the specific containers best to contain each individual waste stream. This dramatically increases the speed of a clearance and maximises the contents of the house or rubbish removal for reuse and recycling.

Our main focus is to reuse items rather than recycle them. This avoids any further increase of CO2 in the production of new products. A can provide charity to someone entering the part of life where that product is needed.

To give you an insight here is an overview of what happens to certain waste streams after a house clearance or rubbish removal is conducted.

Recycling After house Clearance or Rubbish Removal

Paper & Cardboard

Old books are scanned for reuse then the loose waste gets bailed separately and recycled


Typically gets crushed and is remanufactured into fibreglass for home insulation


The ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated, shredded or bailed for transport and used
in the domestic manufacturing process or exported


Useable items will be given to charity.
Other plastics are separated into several grades using picking stations or air they are then reused in the manufacturing process

General Waste

This contains materials that are difficult to recycle and separate. This can be used in a refuse-derived from fuel scheme,
 it is burnt and its energy is fed back into the grid

Waste Electrical

magnets remove the ferrous metals and the non-ferrous metals are removed by using electronic currents.
The remaining plastic is sorted into different grades and transferred for reuse.


Clean wood will be shredded, de-nailed and can be used as animal bedding.
Dirty wood which is wood containing glue is shredded for transport and will be burnt to generate electricity

Soil & Rock

Soil is separated from rock via a crusher or goes this is predominantly used in for aggregates

Green Waste

Green waste is shredded and can be composted usually used in agriculture

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