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Conducting a house clearance can be a daunting task, but with proper planning and organisation, it can be a manageable and efficient process. Whether you’re preparing to move, downsizing, or dealing with the estate of a loved one, this step-by-step guide will help you navigate the house clearance process.

House Clearance Cwmbran

Do your Homework
Please Note: If the house clearance is a council property, please ascertain how the house has to be handed back to them. Often, they will ask for the flooring to be taken up but are not forthcoming with this information. A call or better yet an email to have evidence on how they would like the house given back to them gives both parties a goal on what extent to clear the house to.

How far to go without wasting money
A private residence typically just needs all items that aren’t fixtures & fittings to be removed. If the clearances’ goal is to sell the property, perhaps after a bereavement then chances are a quick clean will suffice and flooring will not need to be removed as the house will more than likely be sold as a ‘project’. Leaving curtains or blinds up for security is also a good idea.

Time-Saving Top Tip
DO NOT start reading through letters & Paperwork! Instead, bag these up and go through them at another time, in another place. Why? Imagine taking 5 minutes to read a letter and then multiply this time by how many letters are in the house. You will soon waste the day and feel as though you haven’t achieved anything and nothing more demoralising and energy-sapping than that.

Now the groundwork has been done and we know what the end goal is. You have three options:

  1. Download our 12 steps to DIY house clearance
  2. Arrange a free bespoke consultation worth £49
  3. Or use our House Clearance Calculator to instantly cost the price of your house clearance

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